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Revolutionizing Accounting: Copilot by ReInvestWealth

We are excited to introduce Copilot, your very own AI Accountant, poised to forever change the landscape of accounting and bookkeeping. In a world where the overwhelming majority of small business owners consider accounting the bane of their existence, Copilot offers a refreshing, cost-effective, and innovative approach to finance management.

Introducing ReInvestWealth Copilot. Your AI Accountant for Business.

No More Manual Accounting

For years, business owners have wrestled with the tedious task of managing their books. Studies show that nearly 50% of small business owners rank accounting as their number one least favorite task. Compounding the problem, 65% of business owners actually handle their bookkeeping tasks themselves. The result? Late entries, costly mistakes, and confusion that goes unchecked due to a lack of understanding and the reluctance to seek help.

The other 35% of business owners who outsource their accounting often find themselves detached from real-time financial information. Conventional bookkeeping services operate on a monthly, quarterly, or even annual basis, leaving business owners in the dark about their current financial status, for an extended period of time.

To overcome these problems, business owners have traditionally turned to tools like QuickBooks, Wave, and Xero. These platforms offer a low-cost solution but require a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach. On the other end of the spectrum, companies like Benched and Stamped offer a more hands-off experience but at a hefty price, often ranging from $300 to over $900 per month.

ReInvestWealth Copilot means no more manual accounting

Meet Copilot, Your Personal AI Accountant

Enter Copilot, a groundbreaking solution that blends the best of both worlds. Built on a fine-tuned OpenAI model, trained with over $25 million worth of real customer transactions, Copilot offers a level of sophistication and personalization unparalleled in the market.

With Copilot, you simply connect your business bank accounts and let the AI handle all the tedious accounting tasks. Working 24/7, 365 days a year, Copilot performs real-time bookkeeping, providing business owners with up-to-date insights into their financial health. It categorizes business transactions and records sales taxes automatically, even if you forget to upload receipts.

It's smart enough to distinguish between complex bookkeeping scenarios such as currency conversions, amortization, purchase capitalization and much more. Best of all, Copilot gets smarter overtime. And if it doesn't know the answer, it will ask you for more details to better handle the bookkeeping.

ReInvestWealth Copilot, Your Personal AI Accountant

More than Just Bookkeeping

But Copilot doesn't stop at bookkeeping. From its real-time record keeping, it prepares sales tax returns that can be filed with a single click, saving time and minimizing the potential for errors. Single-click sales tax return will be available starting September 2023 and will support GST, HST and QST tax filings.

Copilot also proactively matches your business with relevant financial subsidies and tax credits, ensuring businesses take full advantage of available incentives. It can find software and service credits related to your business transactions and notify you about them.

In Q4 2023, you'll be able to ask any accounting questions specifically about your business and Copilot will find the answer. "Why did my expenses go up last month?" "What are my profits this week versus last week?" "Should I purchase or lease a business car?". You'll even be able to create financial reports and charts just by asking!

ReInvestWealth Copilot is more than just bookkeeping.

Affordable, Customizable, and Ever-Ready

The best part? ReInvestWealth's Copilot offers this comprehensive, personalized, and real-time solution at a price comparable to that of traditional accounting software like QuickBooks. That's right - you get a "done for you" solution at a "do it yourself" price.

Plus, Copilot is not a one-size-fits-all tool. It's customizable to the unique needs of your business, making it feel like you have your very own accountant on call, around the clock, every day of the year.

ReInvestWealth's Copilot offers this comprehensive, personalized, and real-time accounting solution at a price comparable to that of traditional accounting software like QuickBooks.

A Brighter Future for Business Owners

With the arrival of Copilot by ReInvestWealth, the days of dreading accounting tasks are over. Now, business owners can focus on what they do best - running their businesses - while Copilot handles the numbers, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional accounting services.

Say goodbye to late entries, avoidable mistakes, and the lack of real-time financial visibility. Say hello to Copilot - your new AI Accountant, ready to revolutionize your financial management.

ReInvestWealth is a free accounting software for business


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