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Designed for Entrepreneurs in Canada



Sync to Bank Accounts

Classify Transactions

Log Offline Transactions

Real-Time Statistics


Income Tax Calculations

Income Tax Filings

CRA & Revenu Quebec

Guaranteed Tax Savings


Sales Tax Calculations

Sales Tax Filings

CRA & Revenu Quebec

Simple Tax Returns


Direct Deposits

Source Deductions

Employee T4 & RL-1

Bonus & Dividends



Notice to Reader

Projections & Budgets

Financial Reports


Business Data Analysis

Google Analytics Setup

Performance Review & Insight

Business Plan Development


ReInvestWealth is on a mission to connect Canadian businesses with a proactive accounting experience.

Founded in Montreal, Canada, the AI capital of the world.


We deliver value to our clients by eliminating manual work through automation & by providing business insights using data analytics.


ReInvestWealth is a Google Cloud Technology Partner. We are commitment to technological innovation in the cloud accounting industry.


1. Connect

Link your business bank account(s) & your Google Analytics to our accounting software.

2. Organize

Keep your bookkeeping, payroll, taxes & financials in one place to feel at peace rather than scattered.

3. Analyze

Track your business from a helpful dashboard & get insights about your company's performance.

4. Grow

Focus on growing your business by leveraging valuable data to make important decisions.


Pricing & Plans



Accounting Software (1)

Unlimited Bank Connections (2)

Business Insights (3)

Google Analytics Reports (4)

Complete Email Support (5)



All items in the Free plan

Payroll for 3 Employees (6)
(additional employee $5/mo)

Income Tax Returns for CRA & RQ (7)

Sales Tax Returns for CRA & RQ (7)

Annual Financial Statements (8)



All items​ in the Essential plan

Bookkeeping Performed by a Pro (9)


Video Conferencing Support (10)

Annual Notice to Reader (11)

Dedicated Business Manager (12)



(1) The ReInvestWealth Accounting Software allows you to gain insight into your business using financial data.

(2) Connect securely to as many corporate bank accounts as needed to perform your bookkeeping. Export your books at any time.

(3) Track your company's cash flows, revenues and expenses from a simple dashboard with interactive charts.


(4) Connect your Google Analytics account to see the impacts of your online presence on your company's financials.

(5) Users are encouraged to send all their questions by email. We usually get back within 24 hours.

(6) Payroll is processed bi-weekly or monthly. There is a $50 penalty if payroll is processed with insufficient funds in your corporate bank account.

(7) Income tax and sales tax returns are prepared automatically though our software. A ReInvestWealth accounting expert will verify everything and contact you for any questions before submitting your taxes.

(8) The annual financial statements are only as accurate as the bookkeeping itself. If professionally prepared financial statements are required, send us a message.

(9) A ReInvestWealth accounting expert will ensure your bookkeeping is up to date and follow up with you on any questions.


(10) Unlimited video call support. Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance using the online appointment scheduler. Free and Essential plans can request video conferencing support for $75/h.

(11) Notice to readers are prepared annually and signed by a CPA.

(12) A ReInvestWealth business manager will ensure your accounting experience is always top notch.




Let us know if you have any questions

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