Take charge of your company's finances & get personalized feedback by managing accounting with ReInvestWealth.

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Sales tax returns and income tax returns for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada. T2, CO-17, GST, HST, QST
Financial statements & compilation reports for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada

Tax Filings

Don't worry about preparing or filing taxes. We track your deadlines and perform these tedious tasks as required.

Financial Statements

Need Financial Statements or a Compilation Report? We got you covered! Get your financials the same day not the next week.

Direct deposit payroll services for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada

Direct Deposit Payroll

Employees get pay slips & tax forms by email. You get a clean report with the summary. Oh, don't worry about those pesky monthly filings.

Bookkeeping services for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada


Ready to offload your bookkeeping? Choose the Premium plan & get professionally managed bookkeeping.

ReInvestWealth: Free accounting software for small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada

Behdad Karimi Dermeni, CPA

Automate accounting & get feedback through a simple webapp.

From bookkeeping to taxes, we got you covered.

Chat with us anytime or book a call to receive expert support.

Simplify Your Business Finances

Unlimited bank connections and transactions. No payment method needed.

Free Accounting Software Forever!

ReInvestWealth: Unlimited bank connections with any financial institution to help automate bookkeeping

Unlimited Connections

Connect bank accounts & speed-up your company's bookkeeping. You can have unlimited transactions, multiple currencies and as many bank connections as needed.

ReInvestWealth: A helpful financial dashboard that analyzes accounting data to provide small business owners in Canada with helpful feedback, recommendations and strategies to improve their business.

Proactive Dashboard

See how your company is performing financially & get custom recommendations on how to improve your business. Easily implement & track new strategies.

ReInvestWealth: Automation Formulas help business owners and entrepreneurs spend less time accounting and more time growing their company.

Automated Bookkeeping

Setup formulas only once to further automate your bookkeeping. View your automation score and eliminate reporting headaches by keeping your books in order.

ReInvestWealth: A simple income tax and sales tax tracker to help small business owners and entrepreneurs in Canada make better cash flow decisions.

Tax Tracker

Track sales tax on your transactions automatically and get an income tax estimator to help plan for tax season. We update sales tax rates when required.

Small business owner making informed financial decisions


Been using ReinvestWealth for over two years and would definitely recommend.

Badara T.

ReInvestWealth understands my company's specific needs and provides fit solutions!

Nasser S.

It was easy to link my company's bank accounts and automate my bookkeeping.

Michelle L.

The Automation Formulas are helpful. The software is great and service is the best.

John K.

Best Service Ever. Fast and professional. I recommend ReInvestWealth.

Haila R.

Awesome and professional service. Everything is done on time.

Shreja S.


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