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ReInvestWealth Takes Second Place in Fintech Unicorn Battle

ReInvestWealth Takes Second Place in Fintech Unicorn Battle

On March 9, 2023, the Fintech Unicorn Battle took place, where 11 fintech companies from all over the world competed to be named the next fintech unicorn. Unicorn Events is one of the largest online startup pitch contests in the world where startups pitch live to the international VCs, business angels and industry experts.

Fintech Unicorn Battle - Unicorn Events

The Fintech Unicorn Battle is a competition bringing together some of the most innovative and disruptive fintech startups from around the world. The competition was judged by notable investors such as Kelly Luo from Mans International, Walied Albasheer from Intuitio Ventures, Ajay Jain from Silverneedle Ventures and many others who are looking for companies that have the potential to become unicorns, companies that are valued at over $1 billion.

ReInvestWealth Second Place Finish

ReInvestWealth's innovative approach to accounting caught the attention of the judges at the Fintech Unicorn Battle. The platform designed for small business owners uses AI to eliminate traditional accounting tasks and provide helpful business advice. While ReInvestWealth came in second place (missing first place by a single point!), the judges praised the company for its potential to disrupt the accounting industry and it’s traction.


ReInvestWealth's second place finish in the Fintech Unicorn Battle is a significant achievement. The competition is among the most prestigious events in the fintech industry and demonstrates that ReInvestWealth is a promising startup with a bright future. The recognition from notable investors in the industry will provide ReInvestWealth with great exposure and opportunities for growth in the near future.

ReInvestWealth free accounting software for Canadian business


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