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Is the ReInvestWealth accounting software really free?

Absolutely. We do not charge anything for our basic accounting software. Connect as many bank accounts as you need and never pay a dollar.

How is ReInvestWealth different?

ReInvestWealth uses AI, designed by experts, to replace costly bookkeepers. Our AI helps maximize tax deductions and files GST, QST, PST in just a few clicks.

Does the AI Bookkeeper really work 24/7?

Yes! Every transaction is first analyzed to determine the correct bookkeeping and then recorded accurately. The AI Bookkeeper improves overtime and is trained by CPAs.

Can ReInvestWealth file business income tax returns?

Absolutely! Our network of accountants file both corporate and self-employed income tax returns. Prices begin at $299 for self-employed and $599 for corporations.

What about invoicing?

Our software auto-reconciles invoices and payments made on Stripe. If using another invoicing service, have payments sent to your linked bank account to automate your books.

Is the software secure?

Security is top priority. Our software automatically encrypts your data and stores it in secure Google Cloud servers with strict sign-in services. Your data always belongs to you.

Can I ask for accounting support or consultations?

Book a 30-minute session with a CPA for $49, or a 60-minute session for $79. Get free technical support by email, with replies within 2 business days.

Can I migrate from another accounting software?

Migration is included on the Copilot plan. Free users can request migration for $79. You'll need to provide your transaction history, recent financials, or your last tax return.

ReInvestWealth is an accounting software company with financial experts to support Canadian businesses

Need help to get started?

Schedule your first Google Meet to speak with an accountant. It's completely free.

ReInvestWealth's free accounting software for Canadian businesses is made by CPAs, financial experts and developers.
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