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Accounting Software + Copilot

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Is the ReInvestWealth accounting software really free?

Absolutely. We do not charge anything for our basic accounting software. You can connect as many bank accounts as you want and never pay a dollar.

What is ReInvestWealth Copilot?

Copilot is an AI-based tool designed to automate your accounting. It can manage your bookkeeping, assist with filing taxes, identify relevant subsidies, and much more.

Does Copilot really do bookkeeping 24/7?

Yes! Our AI bookkeeper can process transactions from your connected bank accounts in real-time. Copilot is trained every month by Chartered Professional Accountants.

What about invoicing?

Our software is designed to fully reconcile invoices and payments made on Stripe. You can still choose another POS that transfers funds to your connected bank account.

Is the software secure?

Your data always belongs to you. The software automatically encrypts your data and stores it in secure Google Cloud servers with strict sign-in services.

Can I hire an accountant through ReInvestWealth?

You can book Google Meets with a CPA for $49 per 30 min or $79 per 60 min. If you prefer to have a fractional CFO or virtual CPA, we offer that too!

ReInvestWealth is an accounting software company with financial experts to support Canadian businesses

Need help to get started?

Schedule your first Google Meet to speak with an accountant. It's completely free.

ReInvestWealth's free accounting software for Canadian businesses is made by CPAs, financial experts and developers.
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