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Free Accounting Software Forever!

Unlimited bank connections and transactions. No payment method needed.

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All-In-One Accounting Plans

Choose an accounting plan to automate tedious accounting tasks.


Is the ReInvestWealth accounting software really free?

Absolutely. We do not charge anything for our accounting software. You can connect as many bank accounts as you want and never pay a dollar.

What about POS invoicing?

You can choose any payment solution that transfers funds to the bank you connected with ReInvestWealth. Square, Stripe and PayPal are among the most popular options.

Does ReInvestWealth replace an accountant?

Using AI and automation, we provide small businesses with smart accounting tools to eliminate many traditional accounting tasks. Our CPA team reviews this process.

Is the software secure?

We use server-side encryption to automatically encrypt data before it is stored. The data is then automatically decrypted only when read by an authorized user.

How do I know which accounting plan to choose?

Choosing the right plan depends on your accounting needs. You can contact us to get more information on which plan is best for you.

Can I hire an accountant through ReInvestWealth?

You have access to a professional accountant anytime you have a question. If you need a dedicated accountant, the Premium plan is for you.

ReInvestWealth is an accounting software company with financial experts to support Canadian businesses

Need help to get started?

Schedule an online meeting to speak with an accountant. It's completely free.

ReInvestWealth's free accounting software for Canadian businesses is made by CPAs, financial experts and developers.
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