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The Rise of ReInvestWealth, a Wave Accounting Alternative in Canada

ReInvestWealth, a Wave Accounting Alternative in Canada

Wave Accounting, a software known for its free accounting and invoicing services, has announced the introduction of a new paid plan and started charging a monthly fee for features it previously offered for free. This recent change has caught the eye of many small business owners and freelancers across Canada.

With Wave Accounting stripping free features, many Canadians are left looking for alternatives to managing their business finances. This shift brings ReInvestWealth into the spotlight as a viable alternative, notably for allowing users to connect their bank accounts at no charge; an essential tool for seamless financial management.

ReInvestWealth: a Canadian Accounting Platform

Following Wave's announcement, ReInvestWealth emerges as the only option in Canada offering the ability to connect bank accounts for free. This feature is particularly appealing for small businesses that are just getting started or that rely heavily on streamlined financial tracking. ReInvestWealth's commitment to providing this service at no charge presents a compelling case for those affected by Wave's pricing changes. In addition to free banking connections, ReInvestWealth also offers unlimited invoicing, annual sales tax filings (GST, HST, QST, PST) and basic automation, all for free.

ReInvestWealth is Your Future Accountant

ReInvestWealth isn't just stepping up as a free alternative; it's revolutionizing accounting by introducing new AI-powered features that can replace human-performed tasks for small businesses. Priced at $39 per month, the paid plan includes the innovative new AI Bookkeeper, unlimited sales tax filings, and the Smart Receipt Shoebox. These offerings are not just about keeping your finances in order; they're about transforming the way small businesses and freelancers manage their accounting tasks. They save hours every month, increase bookkeeping accuracy and most importantly decrease overall accounting costs.

AI Bookkeeper: Revolutionizing Bookkeeping Efficiency

The AI Bookkeeper by ReInvestWealth is a groundbreaking feature that promises to reduce bookkeeping costs by up to 90%. In an era where time and accuracy are of the essence, this AI-driven tool offers real-time bookkeeping services. Unlike Wave's bookkeeping services that start at a minimum of $199 per month, ReInvestWealth provides a more accessible solution at only $39 per month. This dramatic cost reduction allows small businesses to allocate their resources more effectively, focusing on growth rather than getting bogged down by financial record-keeping.

Unlimited Sales Tax Filings: A Game-Changer for Canadian Businesses

Another significant advantage of ReInvestWealth's paid plan is the inclusion of unlimited sales tax filings in Canada. This feature empowers users to file their monthly or quarterly sales taxes quickly and efficiently, potentially in as little as 3 minutes. The convenience and time savings offered by this service cannot be overstated, especially when compared to the traditional, more time-consuming (and expensive) methods of tax preparation and filing.

Smart Shoebox: Enhanced Receipt Management

The Smart Shoebox feature further enhances the efficiency of ReInvestWealth's platform. It allows users to upload receipts effortlessly, aiding the AI Bookkeeper in improving record-keeping accuracy while consolidating all documents in one secure location. This not only simplifies the bookkeeping process but also ensures that users can easily access their financial documents whenever needed.

ReInvestWealth Accounting Software, a Wave alternative in Canada


The decision by Wave to start charging users for previously free features marks a significant change in the accounting software landscape in Canada. However, this shift also opens the door for innovative solutions like ReInvestWealth. With its competitively priced plan that includes the AI Bookkeeper, Smart Shoebox, and unlimited sales tax filings, ReInvestWealth is not only a viable alternative to Wave but a superior choice for those seeking to maximize efficiency and reduce costs in managing their finances.

As the industry evolves, the value propositions of platforms like ReInvestWealth highlight the increasing importance of leveraging technology to streamline accounting practices, making it an exciting time for Canadian businesses and freelancers alike.


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