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Small businesses will not escape Covid-19 anytime soon: time for exceptional cash flow management.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Nowadays, in the context of Covid-19, small businesses find themselves in

great difficulty to ensure smooth operations. Some are even facing bankruptcy

because of decreased activities that significantly impact their cash flow.

Regardless of the current economic situation, small businesses and startups

generally have trouble managing their cash. Prior to Covid-19, over 70% of

businesses that went under, did so because of poor cash flow management.

When facing an economic downturn, cash flow problems multiply and become

even more challenging.

Navigating a crisis requires a high level of patience, supervision and expertise

in order to overcome all the negative financial impacts. In fact, most small

businesses are facing serious trouble and should seek the expertise of an

experienced CPA or business advisor who will help develop a new business

strategy immediately.

Among the actions required to prevent the financial impact of the crisis on the

company, it is suggested to immediately develop a cash flow plan with a vision

of continuity and maintaining customer engagement during the crisis. After a

period reduction in economic activity, it's time to think of other

manners to reach customers and give more energy to cash flow.

Currently, certain types of products are more in demand on the market compared

to others, in fact certain industries can adapt to the present situation through the

diversification of their products depending on market demand. Also with the social distancing guidelines, it may be that the methods of delivery of products requires adaptation in order to ensure business continuity.

With the lock-down measures, customers are now more present online than

before. This represents an opportunity to approach them through the various

possible technological tools and will allow companies to keep better communication

with their clients. For example, informing customers about opening hours, location, products, services and what your company is doing to limit the spread of COVID-19. It's time for companies that are not yet doing e-commerce to invest in new technologies. The establishment of a website where you can sell your products or services online will allow you to reach your target and continue your commercial activity by turning a challenge into an opportunity.

On the other hand, it is strongly suggested to suspend a certain number of

unnecessary operating expenses in the short term. A detailed review of your

expenses is essential and this will allow you to increase your bottom line results.

After all these measures are in place, it's time to analyze your cash flow

forecast. This will allow you to anticipate your cash flow and provide you with

information to support a working capital loan application if it turns out that your business

needs cash.

Poor cash flow management was the number one cause for business failure prior

to Covid-19. Do not wait to ask for expert help, as postponing a change in

business plan or strategy can be devastating once the economy reopens.

ReInvestWealth's team of CPAs is here to help you model your cash flow,

examine the different scenarios of your business and answer any questions by

providing a free consultation. Simply send us an email or schedule a conference

call and we will get in touch with you.


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