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Plaid Introduces Web3 Wallet Onboarding To Connect Over 300 Crypto Wallets

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Plaid Introduces Web3 Wallet Onboarding

Fintech giant Plaid shared exciting Web3 news today as the company announced support to connect with over 300+ crypto wallets in a single API integration.

With Plaid's help, companies can swiftly iterate Web3 product offerings, simplify the work of developers and design an effortless and secure user experience in decentralized finance.

Wallet Onboard currently supports Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains like Polygon however Plaid plans to support additional popular blockchains in the future.

Plaid made no direct announcement about supporting Bitcoin which is still the largest Blockchain in terms of market value, however they did announce Wallet Onboard that helps users connect with the following wallets and protocol:

Last July, Plaid announced an expanded data network to include top crypto companies including Binance.US, Gemini, Robinhood, and SoFi and leading self-custody wallets. Support for additional platforms, including and BitGo is planned for later this year.

What this means for ReInvestWealth

ReInvestWealth has collaborated with Plaid since 2019 through APIs like Auth, Transaction, Balance and more. Although we have no immediate plans to enter the Web3 space, we hear often from founders that there is a real pain point and need for better accounting solutions in the Web3 space. We celebrate Plaids initiative to offer more Web3 solutions and hope that Wallet Onboard spurs further innovation in crypto and Web3.

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