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It's Finally Here!

Updated: Jan 22

Today marks the launch of the new ReInvestWealth cloud accounting software for Canadian businesses. We've released a new webapp built from the ground up by implementing feedback received from customers on the Beta over the last 18 months.

This release is a major upgrade for both ReInvestWealth and it's customers.

Here is what's changed!
  • ​Clients will now have more stable bank connections which will improve the analysis of business transactions and facilitate bookkeeping.

  • ​Our new FX engine will automatically convert foreign transactions to base currency and help with the preparation of financial statements for companies operating internationally. We support all major fiat currencies as well as the top 4 crypto-currencies.

  • ​A new deadline notification system ensures that companies stay on track and don't miss any important accounting deadlines.

  • Sales tax rates changes will be reflected automatically and help clients spend less time figuring out tax regulations and more time expanding in different locations.

  • ​A new real-time financial dashboard enhances the ability to evaluate company performance. An income tax estimator is included to help with tax planning during reporting periods.

  • ​The new chat and meeting systems enable customers to quickly get answers to questions or to get expert support at any time.

There are dozens of other enhancements that improve the overall experience such as a new UI, more secure login system and many mobile optimizations.

Running a business that needs a better accounting solution?

Know a business that is struggling with accounting?

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