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Talking AI, Finance, Accounting & Tech on the Desjardins Discovery Series Podcast

Updated: Feb 29

Join ReInvestWealth's Co-founder and CEO, Behdad Karimi, on a brand-new episode of the Desjardins Discovery Series podcast.

In 'Goodbye Excel, Hello AI,' Behdad dives into the game-changing role of AI in accounting and technology, revealing how advisors can leverage its power for client success. Discover the future of finance and gain exclusive access to a two-month free trial of ReInvestWealth's AI accounting software with the code 'DiscoverySeries2024'.

ReInvestWealth free accounting software for canadian business owners. Get a 2 month free trial on the paid plan.

Don't miss out on this transformative conversation! A big shoutout to DMZ for the partnership podcast!


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