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Announcing the ReInvestWealth Giveaway Winners on Canada Day!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

ReInvestWealth Giveaway on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day! We're excited to announce the ReInvestWealth giveaway winners on this special day!

Top Prize

Winner of the 1 Year ReInvestWealth Accounting Plan ($3,600 value!)

Ace It is an e-learning platform that provides organized intelligent software for students to increase their daily efficiency. Ace It simplifies your learning experience by making studying more efficient without compromising on the social experience. Take the stress out of studying, time management, and resource curation while socializing with the people you attend class with. Ace It is currently in development and will launch soon!

Second Prize

Winners of the Fitbit Sense smartwatches

Mind-Easy - a personalized mental health resources for your workforce.

Paqt - an agreement Platform to help SMBs manage their business relationships with a mix of chat, e-sign and contract management.

Valista Education - an educational platform to take control of your personal finances.

Third Prize

Winners of the ReInvestWealth Water Bottles

  • Ahmad Baiazid from Leedus.

  • Elysha Ames from TILR.

  • Nicole Bell from L-Spark.

  • Talha Hassan

  • Matthew Puglisi

Thank you to all contestants who signed up for the giveaway online or at our booth at the Collision Conference in Toronto. We will be hosting other contests in the future with more chances to win prizes in the months to come!

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