Terms of Service

Updated: Oct 14

Below are our Terms of Service, which outline legal terms. The bottom line is that we aim to always take care of you, our customer.

By visiting and/or taking any action on/with ReInvestWealth, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms outlined below. These terms apply to the website, application, emails, or any other communication.

General terms

  • Our services consist of all the packages we provide now or in the future, including our web application and dedicated CPA support.

  • When you sign up to use our services and accept these terms, you become a subscriber. If you’re the subscriber, you’re the one responsible for paying for your subscription, if applicable.

  • You promise that you’ll keep your information (including a current email address) up to date. You’re responsible for providing true, accurate and complete information and for verifying the accuracy of any information that you use from our services for your legal, tax and compliance obligations. You’re also responsible for protecting your username and password from getting stolen or misused. The stronger the password the better!

  • We own everything we’ve put into our services unless otherwise stated and excluding content owned by others. This includes rights in the design, compilation, and look and feel of our services. It also includes rights in all copyrighted works, trademarks, designs, inventions, and other intellectual property. You agree not to copy, distribute, modify or make derivative works of any of our content or use any of our intellectual property rights in any way not expressly permitted by us.


  • In order to continue accessing our services, you need to make timely payments based on the pricing plan you selected. To avoid delayed or missed payments, please make sure we have accurate payment information. If we don’t receive timely payments, we may suspend access to your subscription until the payment is made.

Data use and privacy

  • When you enter or upload your data into our services, we don’t own that data but you grant us a license to use, copy, transmit, store, analyze, and back up all data you submit to us through our services, including personal data of yourself and others. Your data enables you to use our services, allows us to improve, develop and protect our services, create new services, communicate with you about your subscription, and send you information we think may be of interest to you based on your marketing preferences.


  • Our platform security is dependent on the security of Google Cloud Platform and Plaid Financials. We cannot guarantee the security of third party providers.

  • We’ve invested in technical, physical and administrative safeguards to do our part to help keep your data safe and secure. While we’ve taken steps to help protect your data, no method of electronic storage is completely secure and we cannot guarantee absolute security. We will notify you if there appears to be unauthorized access to your account and we may also restrict access to certain parts of our services until you verify that access was by an authorized user.

Partners and affiliates

  • We may receive commissions on purchases made through the links on the personalized recommendations in the ReInvestWealth app.

  • The ReInvestWealth software analyzes financial data to personalize recommendations and only provides relevant suggestions. You may not have access to all recommendations unless they are all applicable to you.

Maintenance, downtime and data loss

  • Data loss is an unavoidable risk when using any technology. You’re responsible for maintaining copies of your data entered into our services. Whatever the cause of any downtime, access issues or data loss, your only recourse is to discontinue using our services.