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All The Tools You’ll Need For Growing a Consulting Business

Updated: Jan 22

All The Tools You’ll Need For Growing a Consulting Business: A Master Resource List

As a self-employed consultant or a small consulting business owner, having the right tools and resources at your disposal is crucial for success. From accounting and bookkeeping software to productivity and project management tools, these resources can streamline your business operations, save time, and help you focus on what truly matters - growing your consulting business. In this comprehensive master resource list, we'll explore a variety of essential tools and software tailored to meet the needs of Canadian consulting businesses.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

For consultants launching your small business, adopting accounting and bookkeeping software is a critical step. These tools provide a streamlined way to manage financial data, monitor expenses, and create invoices, ensuring accuracy and organization in your financial records. With features like automation, insightful analytics, and user-friendly interfaces, such software saves time, minimizes errors, and allows you to concentrate on delivering your expertise to clients, all while maintaining strong financial management practices.

ReInvestWealth is an AI-powered accounting software designed specifically for small businesses, including consultants. It automates bookkeeping tasks, tracks income and expenses, files taxes, and generates insights and recommendations to give you a clear view of your business's financial health. The software is user-friendly and helps you stay organized, ensuring tax compliance and saving valuable time.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? With user-friendly features, free software and a powerful Copilot, it completely manages bookkeeping, freeing up your time for client interactions and business growth.


  • The free version offers an effective 0-cost option.

  • Integration with bank accounts for free.

  • AI-powered bookkeeper auto-categorized transactions.

  • AI-powered bookkeeper maximizes sales tax refunds.

  • You can file sales taxes (GST/HST/QST) in a few clicks.


  • Limited customization options for specific business needs.

  • Only designed for Canadian businesses.

A popular choice among small businesses, QuickBooks Online provides a range of accounting features, including invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting. It offers integration with various banking institutions and facilitates easy collaboration with accountants.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? QuickBooks Online provides a low-cost solution for entrepreneurs on a tight budget.


  • In-depth financial tracking for accurate income and expense management.

  • User-friendly interface suitable for consultants without extensive accounting knowledge.

  • Integration with accountants ensures accurate tax preparation.


  • Learning curve for those new to accounting software.

  • Limited customization options for specific business needs.

Ideal for service-based businesses like consulting, FreshBooks simplifies invoicing, expense tracking, and time management. It offers a user-friendly interface and is known for its excellent customer support.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? FreshBooks is known for being easy to use, which is a great starting point for a small consulting business.


  • Simplified invoicing and time tracking for accurate billing.

  • Client communication features enhance transparency and trust.

  • User-friendly mobile app for on-the-go management.


  • Limited advanced accounting features for complex financial needs.

  • Pricing tiers might not align perfectly with all business sizes.

  • Integration limitations with certain other business tools.

Free Canadian business accounting software + copilot

Productivity and Project Management Tools for Growing a Consulting Business

Productivity and project management solutions offer a structured approach to organizing tasks, collaborating with clients and team members, and tracking project progress. By centralizing communication, scheduling, and task assignment, these tools enhance efficiency, reduce bottlenecks, and facilitate a streamlined workflow. This empowers consultants to focus on high-value activities, effectively meet project deadlines, and provide exceptional service to their clients while maintaining a well-organized and productive small consulting business!

Trello is a versatile project management tool that allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks and projects. It is a great tool for managing consulting projects, keeping track of deadlines, and collaborating with clients and team members.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Trello is an excellent choice for your consulting business due to its intuitive visual interface, which allows you to organize projects and tasks seamlessly. As a consultant, you can create boards for each client, detailing milestones, tasks, and deadlines. This clarity enhances your project management and collaboration, ensuring you deliver exceptional results to your clients.


  • Visual task management suits consultants who prefer an intuitive approach.

  • Collaboration with clients fosters transparent project collaboration.

  • User-friendly interface for simple project organization.


  • Simplicity might not cater to consultants with complex project needs.

  • Might become less effective as the business grows/require more management.

  • Basic automation features might require more manual tasks.

Asana is a comprehensive project management platform that enables you to plan, track, and manage projects efficiently. It offers various features like task assignments, deadlines, and progress tracking.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Asana’s collaboration features enable efficient communication with clients and team members, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.


  • Robust project management for consultants handling multiple projects.

  • Task dependencies ensure smoother workflows.

  • Customizable workflows accommodate specific consulting demands.


  • Learning curve for consultants new to project management tools.

  • Might feel overly complex for simpler tasks.

  • Pricing might be on the higher end for individual consultants.

Evernote is a note-taking app that helps you capture and organize ideas, meeting notes, and important information. It's a valuable tool for staying organized and having all your notes in one place.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Evernote proves invaluable for consultants by acting as a digital workspace for storing research, ideas, and client meeting notes. This platform's note-taking capabilities and organization tools help you stay prepared and informed, ensuring you can readily access vital information when working on projects or delivering consultations.


  • Centralized storage for various types of notes.

  • Cross-platform syncing for easy access to information.

  • Integration with other apps enhances utility.


  • Useful premium features might require a subscription.

  • Flexibility could lead to information overload without proper organization.

  • Limited collaboration features for team-based projects.

Marketing and Client Communication Tools

Effective marketing and client communication tools are pivotal for consultants launching their small businesses. These tools facilitate targeted outreach, enabling you to reach potential clients and establish your brand. Seamless communication platforms not only help build trust but also ensure that clients receive updates and progress reports promptly, fostering strong relationships and enhancing the overall client experience.

Mailchimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to create and send professional newsletters and marketing campaigns to your clients. It also provides analytics to track the performance of your email campaigns.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Mailchimp is an excellent choice for consultants seeking to establish and nurture client relationships through effective email marketing campaigns. You can create personalized and engaging content to share insights, updates, and offers. Its analytics features allow you to track the success of your campaigns, helping you refine your strategies over time.


  • Effective email marketing for nurturing client relationships.

  • Segmentation and personalization for tailored communications.

  • Analytics insights refine marketing strategies.


  • Learning curve for mastering advanced features.

  • Pricing tiers might not align with all email marketing needs.

  • Limited automation for complex workflows.

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that lets you create eye-catching marketing materials, social media posts, and presentations. It offers various templates and customization options.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Canva is a must-have tool for consultants who want to create visually appealing and professional materials, such as presentation decks, infographics, and social media graphics. Its user-friendly interface and wide array of templates make it easy to design assets that enhance your branding and communication with clients.


  • Easy-to-use graphic design tool for creating professional visuals.

  • Wide array of templates for various marketing materials.

  • Cost-effective solution compared to hiring a designer.


  • Limited advanced design features for complex projects.

  • Might not cater to consultants with specific design preferences.

  • Collaboration on design projects might require external tools.

Calendly is a scheduling tool that simplifies the process of booking appointments with clients. It syncs with your calendar and allows clients to choose a time slot that works for both of you.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Calendly simplifies the process of booking meetings by allowing clients to book time slots from your available calendar, eliminating the back-and-forth communication and ensuring efficient use of your time.


  • Simplified appointment scheduling with clients works well for consultants.

  • Integration with your calendar ensures accurate booking.

  • Customizable availability settings for efficient time management.


  • Limited customization of booking pages for branding purposes.

  • Might not accommodate highly complex or limited scheduling needs.

  • Learning curve for setting up and optimizing scheduling flows.

Free Canadian business accounting software + copilot

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools empower you to delve into your financial data, dissecting revenue streams, expenses, and profitability. By generating comprehensive reports and visualizing key metrics, consultants gain a deep understanding of their business's financial health, allowing them to make informed decisions and adjustments as needed. This strategic insight is instrumental in steering the business toward growth and sustainability.

Keep in mind that great Accounting and Bookkeeping Software, such as ReInvestWealth, should also be able to cover the financial aspect of reporting! You can also explore other areas of reporting using the tools below.

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that helps you analyze and present financial data in interactive and meaningful charts and graphs. It is an excellent resource for creating insightful reports.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that's ideal for consultants who deal with complex datasets. This platform empowers you to present data-driven insights to clients in a visually compelling manner, making it easier for them to understand and make informed decisions based on your recommendations.


  • Powerful data visualization for presenting insights to clients.

  • Customizable dashboards for displaying key performance metrics.

  • User-friendly interface for creating visually compelling reports.


  • Learning curve for consultants new to data visualization tools.

  • Might be overkill for simpler reporting needs.

  • Pricing might not be budget-friendly for smaller consulting businesses.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that provides valuable insights into your website's performance. It tracks website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates, helping you make data-driven decisions.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? By implementing Google Analytics on your consulting website, you gain insights into visitor demographics, site navigation patterns, and content engagement. This data helps you make informed decisions about your online presence, optimize your website's performance, and refine your marketing strategies to attract and convert potential clients effectively.


  • It’s a free tool

  • Offers fairly comprehensive tracking

  • Insights are applicable to many areas of your business


  • Learning curve for navigating and interpreting analytics data to action items.

  • Requires proper integration with your website for accurate tracking.

  • Overwhelming for beginners with limited experience in web analytics.

Legal and Compliance Tools

These tools provide a framework for navigating the intricate landscape of legal obligations, regulations, and compliance requirements. From drafting contracts and agreements to ensuring adherence to industry-specific rules, these tools offer an important safeguard against potential legal pitfalls. By maintaining compliance, you can not only uphold your reputation but also establish a foundation of trust with clients, contributing to the long-term success and stability of your business.

TermsFeed is a platform that allows you to generate privacy policies, terms of service, and other legal agreements for your website. It ensures compliance with privacy laws and protects your business from legal risks.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? TermsFeed is crucial for consultants as it enables you to generate customized legal documents, such as privacy policies and terms of service, tailored to your consulting business. Having clear and legally sound agreements in place demonstrates professionalism and protects both you and your clients.


  • Convenient generation of legal documents for website compliance.

  • Customization options for tailoring legal agreements to consulting business.

  • Ensures professionalism and reduces legal risks.


  • Might require legal expertise for creating comprehensive documents.

  • Free version might have limitations for larger business needs.

  • Might not cover all legal aspects specific to each consulting practice.

DocuSign is an electronic signature tool that enables you to securely sign and send documents. It streamlines the contract signing process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Why is it a good choice for your consulting business? This platform streamlines the signing process, saving time and ensuring the secure exchange of legally binding documents with clients and collaborators.


  • Secure electronic signature solution for contract signing.

  • Streamlines document exchange with clients and collaborators.

  • Reduces paper-based processes and increases efficiency.


  • Pricing might be a limiting factor for small consulting businesses.

  • Learning curve for integrating DocuSign into existing workflows.

  • Limited advanced features for complex document management.

In conclusion, the success of your consulting business heavily relies on using the right tools and resources. From accounting and bookkeeping software to productivity, marketing, and legal tools, these resources can enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and ensure compliance. As you explore these tools and integrate them into your business, you'll be better equipped to manage your finances, communicate with clients, and grow your consulting business with confidence.

You can check out ReInvestWealth’s free accounting software to get started today!

Free Canadian business accounting software + copilot


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