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AI Accounting Software for the Modern Entrepreneur.

Maximize tax deductions with our AI-powered bookkeeping technology & reduce your workload in a few clicks with user-friendly software.

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In Business With The Best 

ReInvestWealth is partnered with OpenAI.
ReInvestWealth is partnered with Stripe: online payment processing
ReInvestWealth is a Google Cloud Partner
ReInvestWealth is partnered with Wise: the hassle free international business bank account
ReInvestWealth is partnered with Plaid.
ReInvestWealth is part of the DMZ incubator program

User-Friendly & Intelligent

Accounting software and AI come together.

Free accounting software Canada with optimized income tax and sales tax filings for Canadian businesses.

Smart Shoebox

Upload your receipts to the Smart Shoebox and have them auto-matched with your bank transactions. It's easy to stay audit compliant.

Daily bookkeeping

AI Bookkeeper

Turn on your 24/7 AI Bookkeeper. It gets smarter and works on your books all the time, even when missing receipts.

Free accounting software Canada with AI bookkeeping support for Canadian businesses

Online Invoicing

Link your Stripe account and send invoices online. We auto-reconcile your payments, sales taxes, processing fees and much more.

GST, HST, QST, PST auto filing

GST, QST, PST Auto-Filing

File taxes in just 3 clicks. We have safeguards in place to find as many legal tax deductions as possible, for your business. (Canada only)

free accounting software Canada with direct deposit payroll for Canadian businesses

Tax Saving Detector

Identify and maximize tax saving opportunities for every business transaction. Keep your bank account connected and leave the rest to us.

Master Your Business Finances

Unlimited bank connections and transactions. Start with a 30-day free trial.

Automate bookkeeping, optimize tax filings, get data-driven feedback & more. Start with free accounting software to power your Canadian business.
Automate bookkeeping, optimize tax filings, get data-driven feedback & more. Start with free accounting software to power your Canadian business.

Powerful Accounting Software!

Get a user-friendly software that can easily handle your business accounting.

Free accounting software Canada with unlimited bank connestions for Canadian businesses

Unlimited Connections

Connect your business bank accounts & automatically import transactions to speed-up the bookkeeping. Link all of your business accounts in one place.

Accounting Software Canada Smart Recommendations for Canadian businesses

Smart Recommendations

Track your performance & get helpful advice based on your cash flows. Looking for write-offs and tax credits? Our software finds relevant matches for you.

free accounting software Canada with automated bookkeeping for Canadian businesses

Automation Formulas

Easily setup formulas to further automate your bookkeeping. View your automation score & stop reporting headaches by keeping your books in order.

Free accounting software Canada with tax estimates and sales tax tracking for Canadian businesses

Tax Estimate & Tracking

Get an income tax estimator to help plan for tax season. Track sales tax on your transactions automatically. No more uncertain tax situations.

Security & Privacy Built In

Accounting software that keeps your data confidential, safe and secure.

accounting software in Canada for businesses with encrypted data for Canadian businesses

Your Data is Encrypted

ReInvestWealth uses server-side encryption to automatically encrypt data before it is stored. The data is then automatically decrypted only when read by an authorized user.

accounting software data in Canada for Canadian businesses

Data Stored In Canada

Data is stored on servers in Montreal, Canada. Not only is it safe in the country, the data is in Google's most sustainable region with no carbon emissions and no grid carbon intensity.

Free accounting software Canada on Google Cloud for Canadian businesses

Google Cloud Security

ReInvestWealth's accounting software is developed and deployed on the Google Cloud which is built using rigorous security practices to keep your data safe and secure.

free accounting software Canada small businesses Google sign-in services

Google Sign-In Services

Google's security helps better protect you by detecting any suspicious log-in activity. Plus, you won't have to remember another set of usernames and passwords.

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